Air Transfer Ducts: How Effective Are They in Maintaining Indoor Air Quality

The air transfer duct is a critical aspect of any heat, cool, or industrial air transfer system. The duct works alongside the other components of the system to effectively release and transfer air, which can result in energy savings and promote safety in industrial processes. The main aim is to transfer air without wasting it. Therefore, it is important to invest in high-quality ducting that can meet the demands of even the most demanding industrial air transfer applications.


To supply air to particular spaces and rooms and return it to a central return grill, ductwork systems require a suitable return path. In an air-based duct system, the air transfer duct plays a critical role in ensuring adequate airflow, preventing pressurization, and maintaining the supply flow.

What are they made of?

High-quality air transfer ducts are made of robust materials like PVC, polyurethan, and polypropylene. These constructions are proven suitable for meeting any requirement in flexibility, weight, heat, and durability. Polypropylene and polyurethan are particularly useful in heater ducting. For insulated ducting for industrial-cooled air transfer, look for products with multiple plies of polyurethan and polypropylene constructions.

Ensuring safe air transfer

A high-quality insulated air transfer duct is ideal for dehumidification, air conditioning, and air movement. The PVC polyester construction delivers excellent UV resistance, and a large pitch enables significant flexibility and compression. Additionally, it meets the California Fire Marshal, NFPA701, and flame-resistant UL94VTM-O specifications.

For temporary ducting systems, a polypropylene and polyurethan return air duct will suit air-conditioning, air movement, and dehumidification needs. Consider one with a PVC polyester tube that can withstand temperatures from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

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