Braided Tubing: An Important Part of Industrial Fluid Transfer Systems

Regular plastic or rubber tubes are not suitable for industrial fluid transfer. You need tubes that meet rigorous flexibility, weight, and durability requirements for this application. Specialty products like braided tubing with 3A and FDA PVC are suitable for wide wet and media transfer needs, particularly in light chemical and liquid food transfer applications.

Braided tubes are the most commonly available hoses today, and they typically consist of a flexible convoluted interior core with a layer of braided material on the outside. They come in various widths, braid sizes, and lengths, making it easier to find a suitable option for your specific application. One of their key advantages is the external braided layer, which enhances their strength and provides additional protection against extreme pressure and high temperatures.

Not all braided tubes are created equal.

When selecting braided tubing, it’s important to focus on the quality, design, construction, and materials. Pay attention to the braiding technique used, too. Reputable manufacturers use cutting-edge braiding methods to improve the tube’s structural integrity. The result is extra reinforcement to enhance wear and abrasion resistance without losing flexibility. Moreover, the braiding technique should help the hose maintain its shape and prevent kinking or bending, which can cause blockages and reduced flow rates.

More benefits of braided tubes

Braided tubes play a vital role in enhancing industrial fluid transfer systems. The braided design can help the tubing withstand external factors, including chemicals and UV light. With 3A and FDA PVC construction, you can be sure the braided tubing meets your industry’s relevant standards for hygiene and specific applications like food and beverage manufacturing and processing.

Do you have the right braided tubes?

Rubberworx takes the guesswork out of choosing braided tubing. Our products are lightweight, easy to install, and extremely durable, making them cost-effective for many applications like gas, air, and liquid transfer in food and beverage, manufacturing, biotech, chemical processing, and pharmaceutical industries.

Reach out to our sales team to learn more about our braided tubes. We can also provide a quote on the products you’re interested in, so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

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