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When it comes to compressor hoses for heavy industrial applications, it is crucial to have hoses that are both user-friendly and flexible while being able to withstand extreme pressures, as well as resist damage caused by ozone and abrasion. That’s why we specialize in producing top-of-the-line hoses that can meet all your needs. Our high-pressure air compressor hose is specifically designed to meet the demands of industrial air transfer, with a heavy-duty rubber construction that ensures optimal airflow, flexibility, heat resistance, durability, weight, and abrasion resistance.

If you’re new to our compression hoses, allow us to share more details about them here. We hope we can help you make an informed choice to get our products to add value to your industrial operations.

Textile braided air compressor hoses.

Our best compressor hoses for high-pressure air feature heavy-duty rubber construction. Our 300 PSI textile braid reinforced air compressor hose has a pin-pricked cover that suits compressed air services in construction, industrial, mining, and drilling applications. For this hose, we use an ozone-resistant synthetic rubber cover that can withstand the toughest applications and effectively resist abrasions and ozone. Our textile braided air compression hoses can withstand temperatures from -22 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wire-braided air compressor hoses

Industrial air transfer applications tend to be the most rigorous. That’s why we carefully designed our wire-braided air compressor hoses and used only heavy-duty rubber constructions to meet every requirement. We carry a 500 PSI wire-reinforced air braid compressor hose with a pin-pricked cover that will satisfy compressed air services in drilling, mining, industrial, and construction. The cover is made of ozone-resistant nitrile that also stands up to abrasions. Additionally, our hose can withstand temperatures from -25 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

We can help you find the right hose!

Not sure which compressor hose to get? Our team at Rubberworx is ready to assist you. Just contact us or explore this website to find product specifications. You can also request a quote from us when you’re ready to get industrial compressor hoses.

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