Guide to Choosing the Right Drain Hose for Different Industries

Industrial drain hoses are designed for specific purposes, such as delivering wastewater from production equipment, washers, cleaning machines, and other sources to a drain or waste system. With these demanding requirements in mind, it’s crucial to carefully choose a suitable drain hose that can meet the needs of your application and industrial requirements. The ideal product is built with durable and reliable materials that can withstand constant contact with fluids and chemicals and hot and cold cycling. Additionally, it must have exemplary crack and impact resistance. Here are tips on making the best choice:

Identify your requirements

Take the time to consider your requirements before searching for drain hoses. That way, it is easier to select a drain hose with optimum construction and features for your application. For instance, if you need a hose for chemical plants or refineries, look for a heavy-duty wire-reinforced hydrocarbon drain hose with a CPE cover or nitrile tube. That way, it can survive the transfer of hot residual hydrocarbons from storage tanks and vessels.

Mind the material and construction

Verify that the hose’s construction and materials are suitable for your application. CPE and nitrile are durable and can withstand continuous use, even when handling temperatures at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t forget to check the intermittent temperature, and ensure it can reach up to 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ensure ease of maintenance

Choose a drain hose that’s easy to clean and service with steam, so it won’t cause too much downtime.

Check with industrial hose manufacturers.

The easiest way to narrow the selection of drain hoses is by looking into the range offered by an established and trusted hose manufacturer. Reputable companies use heavy-duty rubber and composite materials to meet most weight, heat, flexibility, and durability requirements. Additionally, they have an experienced expert team that designs hoses to exceed expectations like hose flexibility and resistance to cracking, abrasion, and chemicals.

Find the best drain hose for your business.

Look no further than Rubberworx for high-quality drain hoses. Our hoses are guaranteed to perform well in the most rigorous applications for hydrocarbon drain services. Contact us for a quote!

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