Heat Transfer Ducting: An Important Component for Industrial Applications

Is heating a critical aspect of your industrial air transfer process? Safety and efficiency are important factors that will ensure the successful delivery, transfer, and release of heat. So, if you are dealing with wasted air and inefficient performance, it might be time to reconsider the quality of your heat transfer ducting and switch to a better product that can reduce those problems. The right heater ducting solution will promote safety and increase energy savings in your industrial processes while meeting the demands of your most rigorous applications.

What makes a good heater ducting hose?

Heat transfer hoses must be designed specifically for industrial heated air transfer. That means they should withstand high temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Likewise, they should not fail when working under temperature extremes, so ensure they can survive low temperatures of -60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additionally, other factors make heat transfer ducting efficient for industrial air transfer. Take note of these things when choosing an appropriate product:

Robust materials and reliable construction

High-quality heater ducting hoses are constructed from polyurethane and polypropylene to fulfill any requirement for weight, extreme heat, flexibility, and durability. They feature a steel helix for increased reliability in every application. Plus, their sewn ducting design makes them suitable for temporary heating systems in drying systems, air movement, tent heaters, dehumidification, dryers, and fans and blowers.

UV and flame resistance

Polyurethane is an ideal material known for its excellent UV resistance. With polyester fabric, the polyurethane heat transfer ducting becomes increasingly resistant to UV damage. This also adds to the product’s flame resistance to meet NFPA701, UL94VTM-0, and the California Fire Marshal specifications.

Ensure safe and effective heat transfer.

Only a high-quality, carefully designed heater ducting system can fulfill your requirements in heated air transfer. Be sure to source one from a reputable brand like Rubberworx to experience all the benefits mentioned here.

Allow us to supply the right heater ducting for you.

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