Increasing Safety and Effectiveness with RubberWorx’s Flexible Chemical Hose

Is your plant or worksite struggling to keep up with safety standards while maintaining full operations? If so, it may be time to check the quality of your chemical hoses. No matter the application, your business needs a high-quality flexible chemical hose that can fulfill the precise applications for industrial chemical handling.

At Rubberworx, you can easily find the perfect hose for every critical chemical handling application, as we carry a wide range of hoses in specific materials, designs, and construction types. We are confident that you will find the most suitable chemical hoses that will increase the safety and effectiveness of your operations.

Avoid downtime and health hazards

Hose failures occur when you least expect them, and they are problems that can be costly to fix, considering how hazardous they are to employee health and safety. Plus, there’s the need to replace them sooner to restore regular operations. You can worry less with a flexible chemical hose from Rubberworx.

Carefully designed for every application

Our experts have years of experience in industrial chemical applications. Using this experience in their design process, they successfully produced flexible chemical hoses that exceed your expectations in abrasion resistance, flexibility, weight, and durability.

Our current selection of products includes heavy-duty composite chemical transfer hoses with a flexible design to suit midstream pumping locations, tank farms, loading arm hoses, and loading stations. We recommended them for applications where weight and bend radius are problematic with rubber.

Additionally, we have reliable heavy-duty suction and discharge hoses for handling chemicals in industrial and agricultural settings. With a CPE tube, they can handle various chemicals at temperatures from -45 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Our design team has improved their flexibility with a corrugated cover and textile reinforcement. For high-heat chemical transfer applications, we recommend our EPDM chemical transfer hoses.

Switch to a Rubberworx flexible chemical hose for critical applications

We carry many other flexible chemical hoses on this website, so don’t hesitate to browse our selection. You can also request a quote by submitting an online form.

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