Innovations in High-Temperature Rubber Hoses: What’s New in the Industry?

high temperature rubber hose ensures the safe and efficient movement of fumes, liquids, and air through industrial systems and equipment. Note that there is no one-size-fits-all product for all applications. You must consider your needs and application to find the most suitable product that meets your specific operating temperature range while delivering on flexibility, weight, and durability requirements.

In addition, learning about the latest innovations in high-temperature rubber hoses will allow you to keep up with your industry’s changing needs and best practices. Here are some of the latest and most significant developments in high-temperature hoses:

Multipurpose hoses

Not sure which hose to use? Try multipurpose high-temperature rubber hoses constructed with EPDM tubes and covers. These products can keep up with a wide range of temperature changes without losing flexibility. These hoses can withstand temperatures from -40 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit, making them ideal for agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications involving light chemical, air, and water transfer.

Heavy-duty hydrocarbon drain service hoses

high temperature rubber hose is a crucial asset to chemical plants and refineries. Leading manufacturers have developed heavy-duty wire-reinforced hoses that can withstand hot residual hydrocarbons while draining from storage tanks or vessels. With a CPE cover and nitrile tube, it can handle up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit of continuous use, with 350 degrees Fahrenheit of intermittent temperatures.

Easier to clean

High-temperature rubber hoses are often required for extended hours of operation. So, reputable manufacturers have made them easier to clean, even with steam. This way, you can minimize downtime and increase your productivity.

Heavy-duty composite hoses

Not all discharge and suction hoses do well in chemical transfer applications. For these operations, you need a heavy-duty high-temperature suction and discharge hose made with a composite construction. PTFE tubing and a stainless helix ensure flexibility for loading arm hoses, loading stations, tank farms, and midstream pumping locations. Plus, these features help overcome issues with bend radius and weight.

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