Know How Rubberworx Hose’s Premium Dry Cement Hoses Can Maximize Productivity

Are you experiencing issues when transferring dry cement due to a faulty hose? Hoses can often fail if they are made from low-quality materials that quickly deteriorate under the abrasive effects of cement. Additionally, the weight and temperature of the cement can affect the longevity of the hose. Rubberworx addresses these concerns with a range of dry cement hoses that are specifically designed for this purpose.

Our range of products is designed to serve as a highly versatile solution for handling materials in demanding applications within your industry. We ensure that they meet your needs in terms of flexibility, heat resistance, durability, weight handling, and resistance to abrasion. One of the major benefits of using our dry cement hose is that it can significantly increase your productivity and streamline your operations. Here’s how:

Heavy duty for the most demanding requirements

Dry cement transfer is a demanding task that requires an extra heavy-duty hose. Our hoses are designed with an abrasion-resistant black SBR tube that dissipates static to increase efficiency in the pneumatic transfer of the material. And because of this, they are also practical in transferring non-FDA materials, like frac sand, lime, and silica.

Reliable construction

We have an in-house design team with years of industry expertise in materials handling and mining. They apply their knowledge in designing high-quality dry cement hoses that can exceed your expectations. Our hoses are reinforced with a two-ply textile and covered with SBR to ensure a reliable build that can resist wear and tear.

Wide temperature range

Exposure to extreme temperatures can easily deteriorate regular hoses. We test and verify the performance of every dry cement hose we carry to ensure wider temperature performance from -40 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This way, we are confident that our hoses can withstand the harshest environments and materials.

Get the best hoses for dry cement transfer today.

Ready to maximize your productivity? Contact the Rubberworx team today for a quote on our dry cement hoses. We can also customize solutions to meet your specific materials handling requirements.

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