Know Why it is Important to Maintain High-Pressure Steam Hose Properly.

The high-pressure steam hose is crucial to any application that requires the transfer of hot water or steam from one point to another. Since its job is to carry pressurized hot water for blow-out services, fire prevention, thawing, and cleaning, it is often subject to situations that could result in undue wear and tear. Failure to maintain them properly could lead to safety issues, downtime, and reduced productivity. Therefore, it is crucial to regularly check and maintain the quality of these hoses. It’s important to keep in mind that steam is both costly and dangerous, so you should pay close attention to the hoses and their fittings and ensure proper installation and use.

Additionally, the service life of a high-pressure steam hose is affected by the assembly of fittings, the type of hose, and how it is handled. Proper maintenance will ensure the following benefits:

Avoid leaks

Leaks are often caused by a faulty or damaged hose or a loose connection on one of the fittings. They don’t just cause loss of steam, but loose clamps are hazardous when the fitting flies out. So, always remember to check the hoses and ensure secure fittings.

Find damage before it’s too late.

Damage can occur inside a high-pressure steam hose, making it difficult to detect. Routine professional inspections and regular maintenance can help check for issues so you make timely repairs and avoid unnecessary downtime.

Check for popcorning

Popcorning occurs inside a steam hose when the inner wall’s pores absorb water vapor or water. Repeated heating and cooling cycles create air bubbles, resulting in blistered rubber protruding from the inner wall. This could cause blockage and contaminate the steam.

Discover the best high-pressure steam hoses.

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