Learn How Beneficial Petroleum Transfer Hoses Can Be for Fluid Transportation

Regular hoses are not designed to handle the strenuous demands of oil and fuel transfer. To ensure that your hoses are durable and flexible enough for the job, you need petroleum transfer hoses. These hoses are specifically designed to handle the weight and type of fluid you are transporting, whether it be diesel, petroleum, gasoline, or oily water. For optimal performance, only heavy-duty composite and rubber hoses should be used.

Today, you will find a wide range of hoses specifically made for petroleum transfer. Just be sure to find a reputable manufacturer that can supply them to you. Additionally, take note of your requirements and discuss them with your preferred manufacturer, so they can recommend the best products that suit your applications.

Here are some of the petroleum transfer hoses you can expect from top providers, along with their benefits:

150 PSI Petroleum transfer hose

150 PSI transfer hoses are meant for discharge and suction applications in tank car and truck transfers of petroleum-based products, such as oil, gasoline, and refined fuels. They are made of Nitrile tubing, which is highly oil-resistant, with a cover that resists hydrocarbons, ozone, and abrasions. As such, their applications range from oil pumping, oilfield transfer, and offshore oil transfer.

Composite transfer hoses

Composite petroleum suction hoses are made of different materials like galvanized steel for the inner helix, polypropylene film for the tube, polyvinyl-coated synthetic fabric for the cover, polyethylene film, and polypropylene fabric for the reinforcement. This ensures heavy-duty performance in suction and discharge applications. With a flexible design, they are ideal for midstream pumping locations, tank farms, loading arm hoses, and loading stations. Plus, they excel in applications where weight and bend radius are problematic with rubber.

High-pressure transfer hoses

A high-transfer petroleum suction hose is a nitrile tube that suits tank trucks, oil transfer, oil pumping, and oilfield transfer applications. It suits discharge and suction applications with petroleum-based products, refined fuels, and oils.

Oil suction and discharge hoses

Heavy-duty oil suction and discharge hoses are suitable for drilling mud, oils, sewage, well water, low aromatic content petroleum products, and salt water. They can withstand temperatures from -22 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Get the best petroleum transfer hose for your application.

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