Learn Why Rubberworx Hose is the Most Reliable Potable Water Hose Manufacturer

When selecting potable water hoses, it is important to consider the manufacturer and opt for a reputable and well-established brand like Rubberworx. As a division of Singer Industrial Company, we are dedicated to delivering dependable and top-notch fluid conveyance solutions that meet the strictest standards, particularly in the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

Expertly designed

Rubberworx has a team of experts designing hoses based on years of industry experience. Our specialists know the needs of food and beverage manufacturing companies, and they keep up with the relevant trends and innovations in the industry to deliver potable water hoses that can exceed expectations in flexibility and weight.


Our potable water hose is made with a low permeation tube for durability and versatility in offshore and onshore water transfer applications. With FDA rubber construction, our hoses can easily meet and exceed 3A requirements for drinking water.

Food-grade materials

We use FDA nitrile tubes for our hoses and reinforce them with two-ply textiles to ensure safety when transferring drinking water. Plus, we provide an EPDM cover to increase strength and longevity.

More options

Years of industry experience made us realize that every business has unique needs. As such, we offer a wider range of potable water hoses to suit most sizes, temperatures, and pressure requirements. Our heavy-duty water discharge and suction hoses can handle temperatures of -40 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and potable water transfer of up to 250 PSI.


We hope we enlightened you on why Rubberworx is a reliable source of potable water hoses. If you are ready to buy, reach out to our sales team for a quote. You can also browse our selection on this website to learn more about our products.

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