Petroleum Transfer Hoses and Their Importance in the Oil and Gas Industries

Petrochemical products have unique properties that require specialized transfer hoses to maintain their integrity. Using the wrong hose can result in product contamination and safety hazards. This is why companies in the oil and gas industries must select the appropriate petroleum transfer hose for their specific applications. This ensures safe and efficient extraction and processing of petroleum, as well as the loading, unloading, and transfer of liquid petroleum, distribution of oils and fuels, and fulfillment of technological processes.

What makes these hoses special?

Petroleum transfer hoses are designed and constructed to meet the most demanding applications of transferring diesel, petroleum, gasoline, fuel, and oily water. As such, they often feature heavy-duty composite materials and rubber constructions. Plus, they come in different types to meet specific requirements in flexibility, durability, and weight. As you explore the options, you will discover hoses for oil suction and discharge, high-pressure petroleum transfer, and 150 PSI transfers.

Additionally, petroleum transfer hoses are properly tested and certified to meet the rigorous requirements of moving petroleum products. Just be sure they come from a reputable source that offers standard color-coded products for easy identification.

Pick the right hose

In choosing a petroleum transfer hose, consider its resistance to modern fuel additives or oil additives (i.e., biodegradable fuel, unleaded fuel, or transformer oils), aromatic hydrocarbons, and other requirements relevant to the static charge build-up protection, especially when working in potentially explosive areas. Moreover, ensure appropriate fittings and couplings for your hoses. Avoid confusion by sourcing your hoses and accessories from a single source. That way, you’re also assured of compatible materials that can increase the efficiency and safety of petroleum transfer in your industry.

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