Pneumatic Hoses from Rubberworx Hose: Understanding the Basics and Applications

Pneumatic systems offer enhanced safety compared to many other manufacturing methods. However, the reliability and overall safety of these systems are heavily reliant on the quality of their hoses. To ensure optimal performance and productivity, it is crucial to choose the appropriate pneumatic hoses from a trusted manufacturer such as Rubberworx.

At Rubberworx, we dedicate ourselves to crafting state-of-the-art hoses specifically designed for handling pressurized air, thereby ensuring the smooth operation of machinery and tools. We prioritize rigorous testing to guarantee the reliability and safety of every industrial pneumatic hose we offer. Our hoses have been proven dependable and secure for transferring pressurized air across a wide range of applications.

Why Rubberworx?

With years of industry experience, the Rubberworx design team applies its knowledge and expertise when designing and building heavy-duty air hoses with superior chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, crack-resistant couplings, and flexibility.

In addition, our hoses will meet requirements for heat, durability, weight, and airflow. You can be confident in their performance in industrial settings, especially when used in manufacturing, pressure measurements, sensors, and other applications.

Keep reading to learn the basics of our pneumatic hoses and their applications.

Made for an industrial air transfer

Rubberworx high-pressure air transfer hoses are available as textile-braided or wire-braided to ensure you can find something for the most rigorous applications. Each hose features a heavy-duty rubber build that guarantees durability, reliability, and longevity.

One of the top features of our pneumatic hose is the pin-pricked cover that ensures resistance against ozone and abrasion, which are common in the toughest applications like drilling, industrial, construction, and mining. To ensure optimum performance, we use only the most durable materials, such as black nitrile or a synthetic NR/SBR blend for the tubes and ozone-resistant synthetic rubber covers.

Wider temperature performance

Pneumatic hoses are typically exposed to the harshest temperatures at work. That’s why we designed them to resist the widest temperature range from -25 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This way, we can guarantee a reliable hose that won’t fail during the most critical applications.

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