Rubberworx Hose’s Heavy-Duty Suction Hoses for Tough Applications: Investing in Quality

Industrial dewatering applications require heavy duty suction hoses to keep up with demanding flexibility, weight, and durability requirements. Our expert design team at Rubberworx understands this, so we’ve created the best selection of rubber, PVC, and composite suction hoses to meet your exact needs for industrial water transfer.

For the toughest water suction applications

Water suction might sound as simple as removing water from one place using a specialized hose, then transferring it to another location. But it’s important for these hoses to meet negative pressure requirements from a vacuum device or pump to effectively draw water. That’s why we designed our heavy duty suction hoses with ribbing to improve their performance. Moreover, we make them with high-performance materials like PVC, rubber, or composites to boost their ability to survive industrial dewatering applications.

Additionally, our hoses are practical in situations that require effective water removal, like agricultural irrigation, marine, and drainage in construction sites. We can also provide hoses for pumping large volumes of water from quarries and underground mines.

Custom suction hoses

We are seasoned rubber hose manufacturers, so we understand your industrial applications may be unique and require special hoses to satisfy specific requirements. That’s why our team of experts are ready to work closely with you to design custom heavy duty suction hoses to ensure optimal performance in your facility.

Need help in choosing a hose?

A right-sized hose is necessary for optimal performance in your business. So, take note of your weight, durability, and flexibility requirements. Don’t forget to account for special needs like chemical resistance, maximum working pressure, and temperature range compatibility. Here at Rubberworx, we offer high-quality suction hoses in different specifications to ensure you will find what you need.

Should you need help picking a hose, just reach out to our experts, and we will help you pick the best heavy-duty suction hose that satisfies your exact requirements.

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