RubberWorx’s Food and Beverage Hoses: Perfect for Wet and Dry Food Transfer Applications

Hoses for food and beverage manufacturing and processing must meet stringent numerous hygiene and safety standards. To fulfill these, ensure that your food and beverage hose comes from an established and trusted manufacturer like Rubberworx.

As a Singer industrial company, we at Rubberworx are proud of our experience and expert team that designs and provides a range of high-quality food and beverage hoses that consistently exceed expectations in flexibility, durability, safety, and reliability. Plus, our in-house industry professionals carefully design products that can keep up with the changing needs in industrial food and beverage manufacturing. With our products, you know you are getting a high-quality food and beverage hose each time as we are ISO 9001:2015-certified and a member of the Rubber Manufacturers Association, ASTM International, and NAHAD.

Suitable for wet and dry food transfer

Try browsing the Rubberworx website to discover the wide range of food and beverage hoses. Our selection is expected to keep growing as we keep up with the industry’s changing needs and industrial rubber developments. Our products include 3A, PVC, and FDA rubber hoses that meet the most stringent requirements of most food and beverage manufacturers for flexibility, durability, and weight. Here’s a quick look at the options:

  • Edible oil hose: Our edible oil food and beverage hose suits recycling cooking oil and waste transfer applications. It features a 3A and FDA rubber construction to withstand extreme heat without compromising flexibility, durability, and weight.
  • Food oil hose: We offer FDA and 3A rubber hoses with medium to high oil resistance for the most rigorous dry and wet food transfer applications.
  • Potable water hose: Our potable water hoses have low permeation tubes to meet offshore and onshore transfer applications.
  • PVC chemical hose: Our heavy-duty urethane and PVC suction and discharge hoses feature static grounding wire and a PVC helix to withstand light chemicals, abrasives, aqueous solutions, pellets, powders, and water.
  • TSC hose: The Rubberworx TSC food and beverage hose is certified 3A and built on chrome mandels.

Switch to safer food and beverage hoses today

Choose Rubberworx food and beverage hoses to ensure safety. Contact our team to learn more about specific products and get a quote.

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