The Importance of Sand Transfer Hoses in the Mining and Construction Industries

Hoses are essential components in most mining and construction equipment as they convey hydraulic power and transfer materials from one point to another. These industries require specialized products that can withstand adverse and rugged operating conditions. It’s not enough to use just any hose for specific tasks, such as materials handling. Instead, high-quality sand transfer hoses are necessary to keep up with the most rigorous applications in mines and construction sites. These hoses are specially designed to handle the harsh conditions, ensuring efficient and reliable transfer of sand and other materials.

A sand transfer hose is specially constructed using heavy-duty rubber to meet your abrasion, heat, resistance, flexibility, durability, and weight requirements. The best ones feature a two-ply construction for sandblast applications involving abrasive materials like silica. With textile reinforcement and a conductive, abrasive-resistant NR/BR tube, the hose can withstand abrasives conveyed at higher velocities. This feature also protects the hose from premature internal wear and kinking.

Why use special transfer hoses for sand?

Moving sand is not as simple as it sounds. The common practice may be to keep shoveling and using vehicles to transport them from one place to another. However, the process will be easier and faster with sand transfer hoses. Mining and construction companies use these hoses to cut costs, increase safety, and save time.

For the most rugged applications

Sand transfer hoses can perform well in a wide range of temperatures in mining and construction sites. The best ones can withstand -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, these hoses come in different sizes and configurations to suit every requirement, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s or supplier’s specifications and take the time to compare features like the pressure, bend radius, burst ratio, weight, ID, and OD.

Discover the benefits yourself

You don’t have to order custom sand transfer hoses for mining or construction purposes because we can supply them immediately! Here at Rubberworx, we offer pre-made transfer hoses for materials handling, and we make sure our products can meet your most rigorous applications. Check out our selection here, and request a quote to know more about our products.

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