Top Advantages of High-Pressure Air Rubber Hoses in Heavy-Duty Applications

Rubber hoses are widely used in commercial and industrial applications, especially in heavy-duty equipment that can withstand rigorous activities and requirements. This is particularly true for high-pressure air rubber hoses, which are crucial for safe and efficient air transfer in industrial settings.

These hoses have a tough rubber construction that meets requirements for flexibility, abrasion resistance, air flow, durability, weight, and heat. Be sure to source them from reputable manufacturers to enjoy the following benefits in your applications:

High-quality construction and design

High-pressure air rubber hoses come in two types: textile braided and wire braided. Heavy-duty textile-reinforced and wire-reinforced air hoses have a pin-pricked cover to withstand the rigorous demands of compressed air services in mining, drilling, construction, and industrial applications. Plus, the abrasion- and ozone-resistant cover can hold up to the toughest situations.

Extreme temperature performance

You don’t have to worry about your high pressure air rubber hose failing or getting damaged when exposed to extreme temperatures. Wire-braid ones can stand up to temperatures of -25 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, and textile-braided variants can survive temperatures from -22 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This, along with the heavy-duty construction and materials, guarantees a long lasting and durable hose that can bring savings and increase safety.

Flexibility and chemical resistance

High-quality rubber hoses are suitable for any application requiring a flexible tube or hose for air transfer. The material is known to maintain flexibility while resisting abrasions and kinks. Plus, they can withstand chemicals more effectively, and this is an important feature in manufacturing floors where exposure to some substances could weaken the material over time.

Discover these advantages with Rubberworx hoses

Here at Rubberworx, we are ready to supply you with a high pressure air rubber hose to meet your requirements in industrial air transfer. We carefully designed our hoses with durable rubber constructions to ensure the most durable and flexible product, regardless of the environment. Contact our qualified and friendly sales team for a quote, or use this website to find an authorized distributor near you.

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