What You Should Know About Chemical Hoses and Fittings in Industrial Applications

If you handle or process chemicals in your daily operations, you need high-quality chemical hoses and fittings. These products are specially designed with heavy-duty rubber and composite constructions to satisfy the most precise requirements in terms of weight, flexibility, and durability, regardless of the industrial chemicals you handle. Today, you will find a wide range of chemical transfer hoses and fittings for critical applications. But for optimum performance and reliability, you must take the time to verify that they are suitable for your specific requirements.

How do you know which chemical hose and fittings to use? Start by going over the selection of products from a trusted manufacturer of rubber hoses and couplings. Make sure the manufacturer has a track record of designing high-quality chemical transfer hoses and fittings for handling various industrial chemicals. Additionally, take the time to verify that the products have been tested and guaranteed for performance and safety.

Apart from that, here are more things you should know about chemical hoses and fittings:

  • They differ per application

As you browse the options, you will find different hoses for applications like paint and chemical spray, industrial chemical transfer, and high-heat chemical transfer. You will also find specific products like PTFE & FEP, UHMW, XLPE, CPE, and EPDM chemical hoses.

  • Choosing the right hose and fittings

Not sure what to choose? Think about your chemical transfer requirements, and explore the features of each hose. That way, you can narrow the selection to hoses and fittings relevant to your unique needs. For instance, you might need CPE chemical transfer hoses for high-heat applications.

  • Think about your application’s special needs

Do you need hoses with high chemical resistance while meeting FDA standards? PTFE and FEP hoses feature heavy-duty fluoropolymer, rubber, and stainless constructions to meet those requirements. If your application has weight and bend radius issues that can quickly deteriorate the rubber, consider composite hoses with natural polypropylene tubing, a galvanized inner helix, and poly fiber reinforcement.

  • Where to buy these products

Look for a trustworthy manufacturer of chemical hoses and fittings, like Rubberworx! That way, you know you’re getting high-quality products designed and assembled by experts in world-class facilities.

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