Why Quality Oil Transfer Hose Is Essential for Safe and Efficient Operations

Oil transfer is not as simple as ensuring the substance can reach its vessel or destination. It’s a hazardous process that requires suitable equipment. One of the essential pieces of equipment is a high-quality oil transfer hose that’s specifically designed to handle oilfield products and meet the rigorous requirements of slurry, petroleum, frac sand, oily water, and diesel transfer.

The best hoses are made with heavy-duty rubber and composite materials to meet flexibility, weight, and durability requirements. These specialized hoses can handle the harsh conditions involved in oil transfer operations, ensuring safety and efficiency. By choosing a high-quality oil transfer hose, you can be confident in reliable and secure oil transfer operations.

Oil transfer applications require low-friction, flexible, and lightweight hoses that can withstand the rigorous demands of handling gasoline, oil, diesel, and other relevant products. Additionally, the hoses must have a corrugated construction to reduce the drag coefficient and increase abrasion resistance. For petroleum products with up to 50% aromatic content, make sure the oil transfer hose can handle suction and discharge in-plant, truck, or tank operations.

For increased reliability, manufacturers of oil transfer hoses use textile reinforcement and a steel helix for their heavy-duty oilfield suction and discharge hoses. These features make the hoses suitable for use with sewage, drilling mud, refined fuels, unrefined oils, salt water, and well water. Plus, the hoses can be used in oilfield services like pumping and tank trucks. Some models have a corrugated cover for enhanced flexibility.

Using an appropriate oil transfer hose will keep you productive and increase safety in the oilfield. Plus, high-quality products have better temperature performance that allows them to function from -22 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This way, you don’t have to worry about disruptions and downtime that can affect your bottom line.

Get the most efficient oil transfer hoses

Rubberworks carries a range of oil transfer hoses in different styles and materials to suit your specific requirements. We can also supply an oil transfer hose for green fuels and applications with more aromatic content. Don’t hesitate to leave a message to our sales team for a quote or request additional information about our products.

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